March 12, 2008

spring roll rapper

A sunny, semi-warm past few days. I'm eager for spring (like everyone else who has been bravely waiting out Chicago winter). Bike riding, sitting on stoops, &c. I'm also itching to travel. Amanda and I think it will be funny if we take our economic stimulus money to Europe and go stimulate another economy. London calling!


Springing forward: Yesterday was the birthday of James Robert Dunn. Twenty-nine. Twenty-fine!


Spring roll, wonton, and chocolate fondue prep for the Jimmy D BD Potluck.


After getting the food ready, I walked down to the Green Mill to meet up with Ryan and Colleen. Ryan has been on an epic 10-band tour and had just played a show at the Aragon. It was good to see him, if only for an hour.


Fuzzy shot of the birthday boy. (Need to work on my digi cam skills.) The potluck was fun, as well as the post-potluck trip to Simon's. Over the course of the night, as an assignment for her class on Dadaism, Courtney had to write down overheard snippets of conversation. She chose James as her subject, and the resulting poem turned out something like this:

James Turns 29

Get your cameras out America,
This is going to be the funniest home video ever!
There is so much chocolate involved—
Show this to Joey!
Is this Beyonce?
Does anyone know who Shane McGowan is?
It's Laura’s fault.
Check out my potbelly, but when summer is here,
It’s going to disappear!
Where’s my shot?!
You guys are awesome, but I am really drunk.
Crack your window, crack your window!

That about sums it up.