August 14, 2008

pictures of water, water pitchers


If I posted a photo here, it would be of water. A dive into water. No, not into water—not someone plunging into/slicing a precipitous path toward water (have I been watching too much Olympics?), but the moment directly following the plunge, submersion, and instinctive swim to the surface. The watery breakthrough/drama-filled reemergence (waves splashing, wet hair). Kind of like in The Little Mermaid, but sans any tone-deaf seagulls or wisecracking crabs.

I know water is kind of metaphorically played out, and has been co-opted by pseudoscientists and new ageists for all kinds of aquaquackery, but go with me here.... See it? Waves. Sun. Breezes, maybe. The renewal and oxygen reclamation and sense of possibility. The resurfacing somewhere new.

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Mary said...

I love you.
Please post something like this every day.
And I will read it while drinking my morning coffee.