June 28, 2011

lightning was desire


Strawberries from the yard!


Jessica L's bday at The Bristol.


Jessica P's bday at...



Rented out the whole place...


...just how Palumbo rolls!




Sampson took some far superior pics.


Banner's bday in Michigan.



Since last I wrote, list-wise: The weather has been more consistently summer-like (just in time for the solstice); tried out for an ultimate club team and got super excited about the idea of playing competitively again; didn't make the ultimate club team and was super bummed (despite def not being as in shape or up on fundamentals as the other ladies); attempted to transform my bummed-outness into motivation by signing up for the Twin Cities Marathon...not as fun as chasing a Frisbee, but WHAT IS!; starting jogging again (slooowly remembering how to do this); started biking again (like riding a bike); made new friends from LA; Sara & Craig's baby, Frances (Frankie), arrived in the world!!; finally gave the garden some attention (planted assorted tomatoes, peppers, and herbs, plus cucumber, sunflowers, salvia, and veronica speedwell—rolling the dice with these mid-season plantings!); went to MI for Father's Day and Ban's 3rd bday; swam in Bair Lake; visited the crazy new Poetry Foundation building; started a Second City comedy writing class; ate raw for a week(+). "Practice" is emerging as a summer theme...i.e., Comedy writing takes a lot of practice and experimentation. As does eating salad for dinner.

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