October 23, 2011

mostly i just stroll along the path that [time] is taking

"When I finally give up the ghost, as long as I've left behind enough songs for people to listen to, I think that'll be enough." —Bert Jansch

RIP, Bert Jansch, a humble man and amazing musician. You are missed.


Unknown said...

I was extremely lucky to see Jansch play when I was studying in Brighton, England (prior to his widespread exposure on a Neil Young tour). The show was a (very obscure to me) location in London. I took a train and it was about a 2 hour journey. I arrived to find out the show was sold out. I told the people at the ticket booth my story, that I was from the states, big fan, etc., and much to my disbelief, they actually listened. They let me stand in the back of the small seated venue. What a great night. I too was so sad to hear of his passing. Such a great quote here . . . he has certainly succeeded and will be and is dearly missed.

Laura said...

A belated 'thank you' for sharing this.