February 12, 2008

the idea millionaire

Idea for making conversations in blizzard-ed out Chicago a little more interesting:

Replace the word "snow" with the name of a popular snack food.
Replace the word "winter" with the name of a video game.
Replace the word "cold" with a color, any color.
Replace the word "work" with a store in the mall.

Ex. 1:

"I'm so bummed about trudging through all the Flamin' Hot Cheetos."
"Yeah. This Halo is harsh. I'm so sick of being sienna."
"I know. I almost didn't come into Build-a-Bear Workshop. This blows."

Ex. 2:

"Tomorrow we're gonna get 4 inches of pizza rolls!"
"Seriously? Every Guitar Hero makes me want to move to Cabo San Lucas."
"I'm just glad I wore layers so I wouldn't be totally cyan at Sunglass Hut."

This exercise could be improved upon with the addition of even more (and more awesome) word replacements. Anything to break up the daily script. I'd also like a day of substituting words for "Barack Obama," "Hillary Clinton," and "John McCain." Huckabee can keep his name though, because it's kind of funny.


On a non-seasonal note, I'm obsessed with mercy.

The Lucky Dragons song, that is. (Though, you know, the concept of mercy also has its merits.)



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello Laura,

Ryan Hammer here.

Happened upon this blog of yours and noticed you have an obsession with a certain tune by a certain musical wizard that has been blessing my very ears lately. In fact, I've been having an all around obsession with the Lucky Dragons. But that mercy tune is a sure stand out!

Hope you're well, and hope you're surviving all the doritos this final fantasy has sent us so far!