October 20, 2008

nothing was irrevocable; everything was within reach


In celebration of getting engaged, Matt and Heidi made a Goldworthy-style sculpture in the Washington woods (but better than ol' Golds, in my opinion, for the fact that it was not made in isolation). So I'm saying "Congrats!" by stealing this rather personal photo from Matt's Flickr. Thanks for sharing, friends. Here’s to more spiraling collaborations between you and others, rocks, leaves, stillness, movement, “blessed and blessing trees...”



The ever-productive Plagiarists adapted a bunch of Jonathan Lethem's stories for the stage—stories from Lethem’s Promiscuous Materials Project, in which he makes available (for $1 apiece) original short works for adaptation/mutation. It’s a really cool concept and was Lethem’s follow-up, walk-his-talk venture after writing this amazing Harper’s essay about influence.

"As I researched that essay I came more and more to believe that artists should ideally find ways to make material free and available for reuse,” he explains. “This project is a (first) attempt to make my own art practice reflect that belief.” The Plagiarists’ version opened last Sunday at the Athenaeum and runs through November 23. Influential!

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