October 14, 2008

jenou and jeufre

The birthday was a blast...thanks to sun, friends, and fall foliage. But mostly friends! I have some 10/10 pictures I'd like to post (coming soon), including some pretty ones of a temple and some funny ones of a pyramid.

I went to Michigan for a post-BD retreat/autumn color tour (AKA a low-key visit with the fam). Carved a pumpkin with Brian, went to a football game, finished The Girl on the Fridge and started Leaving New York (a so-far-so-good essay collection ed. by Kathleen Norris, recommended by former coworker Erick (Thanks, Erick!)), ate way too much food, and read things about this little election of sorts we seem to be having. 22 days! Oh my!

Mom dug out some notebooks of mine, circa first grade, that she recently found in a forgotten corner of the basement game closet.

She also unearthed this amazing story by Mary:


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