July 30, 2011

all that and a bag of

At first Chicago Summer 2011 was a hard-to-open bag of chips. Then it finally and definitively tore open (the temp got above 80°F and the city got over its rain problem), and all the Fritos spilled out on the floor at once. Corny though this sounds—and yes, I do mean that literally—I'm standing behind my chips metaphor. This season was that anticipated, is that explosive, and will be gone that fast....


David and Randy's wedding at the Bottle. Together for 35 years!


In his toast, Randy said that when he met David, their mutual love of rock music helped them rescue each other from "the disco abyss"! (Photo by Marla.)


Azita at the Rainbo.


Drag City cowboys at the Pitchfork record fair.


The kids decked out their booth real nice.


Grown ocean.

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