June 20, 2008

good things of late

* The arrival of a new nephew (yesterday!): Banner Pearson Reid. Welcome to the world, Bannerpants. (This new little human is going to be given a lot of nicknames, I suspect!)

* Lynda Barry at Hideout. Just as I'd anticipated, she was funny, self-deprecating, articulate, inspiring, nervous, confident, insightful, and charming. I thought I almost heard some of the superfans in the crowd holler "Amen!" and "Preach!" But maybe that was just the general spirit of the "congregation" at this motivational Church of Start Writing. I wrote about her new book for Time Out Chicago.

* Pressing the audio icon for words on dictionary.com. As it is my favorite website and all, I can't believe I waited like 8 years before getting the robot voice to say "flatulent."

* Listening to new High Places track "Gold Coin" on the way home from work. Really lifts the ol' spirits on this tired commute, and in my mind the lanes of traffic part like waves... Biblically epic! Bass-driven!

* Birthday party blast over the past wk: Amy's backyard surprise party, Jessica's beach blanket thing-o, and Joe's (AMAZING!!) karaoke-at-home bash. Wow, summer, wow.

* Watermelon baskets o' fruit.

* My Dad's walking accomplishments. He has walked approx. 800 miles this year. Amazing.

bad things of late:

* Colleen being far away.

* Not being able to talk to Mary.

* Sunburn.

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