September 30, 2008

i too love oblivion why not it is full of second chances

Today is autumnal & I'm into it. I am trying to run again, read more.... No marathons or Russian novels at the moment. Just small steps—around some familiar city blocks—toward betterment. Reclaiming/reinventing a bit of routine. Now I will get up early. Now I will eat root vegetables.

But the couple wks. before my birthday are always like this: ambitious, revisionary. Birthday resolutions are like New Year's ones, only a little sadder somehow...more personal. You v. you.

Not that they have to be that way. Mostly I would like to practice—now, presently—seeing DAYS as DAYS!

But speaking of root vegetables: SOUP.

Who wants to make it? We could put it in tupperware containers, freeze it, and eat it forever...or at least weeks.


Went to a couple epic shows this past weekend. My Bloody Valentine ended with a furious wall of sound. Nick Cave kicked the air, sang ballads, sat down.

At MBV, Amanda and I wore sunglasses to counteract the semi-blinding nature of the strobes. We are dorks, yes—but it worked so well.


Pics stolen from ARM!


No light show="show." But light show="concert"??

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Phil said...

i am looking for my imagination this season. in preparation for my half birthday? regardless. imagination seeking.