March 11, 2009

just like a circle 'round the sun

Saw the film version of Letting Go of God at the Lakeshore Th. this past Sunday and afterward sort of fanned out on Julia Sweeney. What can I say? She is amazing. And (newly) a Chicagoan. Maybe we will start a book club or something?

Speaking of amazing...LB!

Still want to check out this show, for wh. I contributed (that is, drew crappily) some floor plans (from memory) of popular TV sitcoms of yore: Jerry's apt. from Seinfeld, the Huxtable's home from The Cosby Show, and the Tanner family crib from Full House.

Here's something to check out on Saturday (besides the river being dyed green, of course).... Wish I could go.

And this Sunday, it's the return of Anne's annual slide show extravaganza, THE SLIDES OF MARCH. This time it's a benefit for 826 CHICAGO, where I used to tutor and where kids get one-on-one writing and HW assistance in a posi, non-school setting. I'm presenting a brief slide show, approximately titled "I'M OVERWHELMED: The Pearson Family Takes Price Edward Island and David Pearson Takes Slides of It," largely feat. your favorite redhead and mine, Anne of GG. We'll see....


Happy 30 trips around the sun to James R. Dunn!


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