May 18, 2009

sweet stuff


The 6-day forecast is sunny/partly sunny and 70, 70, 80, 73, 70, and 70. Yesterday when we were tossing the Frisbee in Humboldt Park, Jessica was saying how, because of the sun and springtime, she and Chicago are finally getting back, in a relationship. I can see what she means. Weather-wise, it's usually so complicated here. A little consistency can be attractive.

Come to the H-Dubs Library tonight (that would be Harold Washington). Ariel and I are selling bks for an event w/ Michael Pollan, writer and proprietor of maybe the world's cutest writing home/hideaway. Anyway, I'm guessing he'll be defending food and talking about dilemmas faced by omnivores and stuff—a reiteration of this principle: "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."

Speaking of food, stop by this site soon (an awesome food blog/"digest digest" that's part of the Portland-based Urban Honking community) for updates on my and David's trip to the All Candy Expo, taking place this wk. at McCormick Place. That's right: ALL candy, ALL under one roof. How can I not be stoked for a conference organized under the slogan "It's All About Sweets & Snacks"?! Answer: I cannot.

Also, gots to get to the Modern Wing this week. Anyone wanna go? How about Olafur Eliasson? Haven't seen the exhibition yet, but I liked this review in Newcity: "Wind is a fan dangling from a cord. Sunlight is a thousand-watt bulb.... All this follows the just-closed installation by Tiffany Holmes at the MCA, who showed how man’s power-drain stamps out nature’s spectacle. Eliasson, though, shrugs at such protests. His never-ceasing wonders depict a world without end."

Oh man, Beans & Bagels just got taken over by newborn babes and moms: four double-wide strollers w/ mtn. bike tires. Time to sign off and shove off....

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